Roux believes in a world where everyone has their experiences and cultures seen, heard and centered.


We design processes and develop strategies that harness existing community assets and knowledge to promote inclusive economic development that is culturally resilient, socially just and deeply democratic. Roux is devoted to creating spaces for communities to build, culture to reimagine and commerce to thrive.


Our services:

  • Envisioning and Strategic Development

  • Community Engagement and Participatory Processes

  • Urban Design and Planning

  • Real Estate Project Management

  • ​Civic Media, Data and Technologies

Our team:


DASJON JORDAN, is a co-founding principal at Roux Collaborative. He has worked deeply with public agencies, cities, community-based organizations and the private sector on place-based economic development strategies in the U.S., South Africa and Mexico. He specializes in commercial district  revitalization focusing on small business financial and marketing ecosystems, restorative design strategies, and neighborhood cultural planning. Before Roux Collaborative, Dasjon worked as the Commercial Revitalization Coordinator at Broad Community Connections. He holds a master’s of city planning from MIT and a bachelor’s of architecture from Louisiana State University.


CHANDRA CHRISTMAS-ROUSE, is a co-founding principal at Roux Collaborative. Her career emcompasses developing urban development strategies to reduce poverty, expand economic opportunities, and advance sustainability in cities and regions in the US and developing countries—with a focus on shaping the delivery systems for environmental management, community development, climate action, and city and regional planning. Before Roux Collaborative, Chandra worked at UN-Habitat designing tools for urban leaders to drive widespread adoption of equitable climate-resilient planning approaches. She holds a master’s of urban planning from Harvard and a bachelor’s of environmental sciences and policy from Duke University.